From the Desk of the IALAS President

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Dear IALAS Familia,

Happy New Year!! Let’s make this year one of reflection, setting intentions, initiating action, and connecting powerfully with our wildest dreams as educators for our scholars. We are looking forward to seeing you this January 29, 2022 at our 5th Annual Educational Conclave: Sharpening the Saw: Ensuring the Social Emotional Health of our Schools. Remember to register and bring your vaccination card with you or download it here in advance. It is a free event for our IALAS members. It is our way of giving back to you for these past two years as we lived through the ups and downs of the pandemic. 

We have a great lineup of leaders ready to share, collaborate and learn with you. We will start off with Our State Superintendent Dr. Carmen Ayala and our Keynote Speaker Dr. Hector Montenegro, who provides training on instructional strategies for English learners, leadership development for administrators and instructional coaches, and the teacher coaching process through the use of technology.He will present on “Building an Inclusive and Restorative Culture Around Social and Emotional Learning”.


We will also be holding three panels: Superintendent, Principal and Teacher.

Superintendent Panel:

Dr. Terri Bresnahan                Rachel Kinder          Dr. David Negron     Dr. Phil Salemi       Dr. Kevin Suchinski

D59                                             365U                                  D89                      D92.5                      D93     

Principal Panel:                                                                  

Dr. Patty Brekke         Mary Kay Richardson     Lissette Jacobson           Luis Tellez


Teacher Panel:


Annissa Aguilar-McArdle     Lilla Brandt               Jennifer Gallien       Kristina Hollinger


We are excited to have them all share their expertise with you when it comes to providing mental health, self awareness and overall wellness. 

We also have the following breakout sessions:

Strategies to Meet the Need: Tips from D91 Presented by Nurys Uceta-Ramos and Michelle Hopper

Supporting Student/Community Wellness Through Staff Wellness Presented by Josephina Frankovich


Stressed Out Teens Need SEL, Too! Presented by: Elizabeth Nash

SEL & Post-Secondary Success Presented by: Felipe Perez

Supporting Well-Being in a Diverse School District Presented by Mary Wurster

Building our Classrooms with a Little CLC Presented by Jessica Wanzung & Daniel Guerrero



Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day and Muhammad Ali Day.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led the movement that changed our nation. Muhammad Ali was The Champ in the ring, he pulled no punches as a civic justice activist. They each paid a high price for their courage and conviction. Dr. King paid the ultimate price. We honor them for giving us hope. This day is a day of service. How will you be providing service on January 17 as IALAS members and educational leaders? 

As always, thank you for all you do. Continue to spread your IALAS  wings as anti-racist, equitable, educational leaders. We look forward to seeing you January 29 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. so we can converse, be thought partners, and share wisdom. 



Elizabeth Alvarez, Ph.D.

IALAS President


January 2022 President Message

Our Mission

The Illinois Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (IALAS) commits to provide authentic, high-quality learning opportunities for students by building capacity among Latinx-serving educational leaders and by advocating for responsive, informed policy development.

Our Vision

To unify and cultivate educational leaders, serving Latinx communities, for the purpose of promoting equity & empowering all students.