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The partnership committee will be responsible for building partnerships with prospective partners. As a non-profit association, we could not function well without the crucial support and generosity of our partners. Members on this committee will be essential in identifying potential partners that support the work of IALAS. Strong skills in research and out-of-the-box thinking will be key competencies of our partners. The committee will also be responsible in planning the partnership thank-you dinner.

The scholarship committee will review and revise the requirements, criteria, and rubric for application to the scholarship. The committee will oversee and adhere to the established process.

The network committee will be responsible for establishing methods to successfully increase membership. Your role is to consider typical avenues to promote IALAS, as well as unconventional ways to campaign our work. Members on this committee must be willing to engage in connecting with educators and non-educators across the state and nationally. The committee will distribute the template letter to universities and organizations to establish a relationship with them.

​The planning committee is responsible for organizing all membership events. We anticipate this committee to serve as a think tank to offer our members professional and networking opportunities that are best aligned to IALAS’ vision, mission and goals. The members on this committee will work collaboratively to arrange and finalize all details and logistics associated with events once approved by the Board. If you have the initiative and drive to create and carry out meaningful events for participants that are passionate about educating students, please consider joining this committee.

The communications committee will be responsible for developing communication products to our members, sponsors and the public at-large, such as our quarterly newsletters, website, monthly email, and social media.The committee will create a template letter to send out to universities and organization. Experience or interest in writing and research is a plus. You will also be responsible in identifying spotlight teachers, administrators, and superintendents to be featured in our newsletters. 

The mentoring committee will be responsible for serving as an instrumental group that will foster the work of educators and administrators across the state interested in advancing their career. Mentors will be comprised of administrators having 2-3 years of administrative experience. The committee will develop a year-long mentorship program. This committee will modify the existing mentorship interest survey for the purpose of pairing up mentors/mentees appropriately. These individuals must also be willing to serve as mentors to the selected educator or administrator and adhere to the requirements set forth in the mentorship program.

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